“Super Yacht Garage” Is a necessity driven concept Company.

With many years experience in the offshore the owners decided to bring the organisation of their offshore sector into the hands of their crews for continuity for both in their offshore and shore based facilities.

After the complete successful  integration “Super Yacht Garage” has been introduced into the Yachting industry as a one stop shop in house management system for all vessels both pleasure and offshore.

A full inventory of spare parts and consumables is logged both on our dedicated servers and on site database. All parts and consumables are stored in one of our various environmentally controlled bonded storage facilities, which are made available to crews on a twenty-four hour seven day per week basis.

We can also offer dedicated cells for onsite storage solutions, these are fully lined and insulated.

All cells come complete with both 240v / 380v electrical installations and all with optional AC.

Transportation of these cell units is also dealt with in house.

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